Vision & Mission

Statement of Purpose

Promote and strengthen public sector audit in Australasia through leadership, collaboration, engagement, advocacy and peer support.

Our Values

• Independence of each Auditor General and their individual mandate of each office
• Collective knowledge, and expertise and innovation
• Openness and transparency
• Honesty and integrity

Strategic Objectives

Knowledge sharing and collaboration

Encourage cooperation and collaboration through knowledge development, sharing and services

Collective voice

Identify and collectively respond to emerging issues on a national and international level

Capability development

Support ACAG members in developing capacity to maximise their value and benefits

Maximise the value of ACAG as an organisation

Organise and govern ACAG in a way that promotes economical, efficient and effective working practices , timely decision making and effective governance practices, while maintaining due regard for jurisdictional independence

Strategic and Work Plan 2022-2025

Strategic and Work Plan 2022-2025