Vision & Mission

Statement of Purpose

Promote and strengthen public sector audit in Australasia through leadership, collaboration, engagement, advocacy and peer support.

Our Values

• Independence of each Auditor General and their individual mandate of each office
• Collective knowledge, and expertise and innovation
• Openness and transparency
• Honesty and integrity

Governance & Oversight

Maintain a sustainable entity that is adequately resourced and accountable to it's members.


Develop key communcation and professional relationships that progress public sector auditing.


Identify and respond to emerging issues and opportunities on a national and international level.

Peer Support

Facilitate members' learning from each others' experiences and innovations to increase their professional competence and that of their staff.


• Maintain applicable corporate governance processes
• Build and strengthen human resources and organisational capability to efficiently and effectively deliver member services
• Ensure the entity is governed and structured appropriately with transparent oversight
• Identify, engage and review key stakeholder relationships
• Establish and maintain relevant communication channels
• Foster networks and information exchange opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing and discussion on areas of mutual interest